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Hi! I am Allie and I am the creator and founder of Sunny Side Studio NJ.  Wanted to share a little bit about me and how Sunny Side Studio came to be. Although art has been a passion my entire life, my love for teaching began in NYC, where I got my Master's in Early Childhood Special Education and taught at a quaint and progressive preschool.  It was there where I first learned the importance of letting the children guide your teaching and not the other way around. I learned that children learn better when the curriculum is based on their interests and that focusing on the process of the learning will give the children the confidence they need to succeed.


After years of teaching art at a preschool in NJ, my path suddenly shifted (as many of ours did), when COVID-19 hit and the school closed.  After some requests, I began teaching classes in my backyard! One class became two. Two classes became three. Four, five, six... We moved the classes to zoom for the winter and into the garage in the spring. With the help of some amazing people, by the spring of 2021 I was teaching 10 classes! While I am forever grateful for this period of time in my life, I knew it was time to find a bright and happy home for Sunny Side Studio and to say goodbye to the garage!


Sunny Side has been a dream come true and it is all thanks to this amazing community of  families and little artists who have made it happen. Now let's go get messy!

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